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Crewing Agency


Crewing Agency

The Shipping Industry is central to the Nigerian and global economy, annually transporting goods-Oil and Gas, Food Stuffs and Commodities, Manufactured products for import and export-that account for approximately 90 percent of word trade. The Global Fleet of merchant ships is registered in over 150 countries and operated by more than one million crew members of all nationalities.

There is today a critical challenge and affecting the shipping industry-the recruitment and retainment of sufficient numbers of skilled seafarers to staff and operate their vessels. Across the globe, leading executives and maritime officers have continuously complained that the shortage of qualified, well trained officers and crew is their major challenge given the critical role of skilled crews in ensuring the safety of their vessels


Skilled and experienced crews are essential to the successful operations of today's vessels and The Crewing of a ship is one of the most informant factors for its success and safety.

Diafrance professional crew recruitment and management services provide on-demand experienced, professional and certified Seafarers (Officers and Ratings) of various categories to match position specifications.

We provide:
  • Permanent and temporary personnel
  • Every aspect of the recruitment process, including advertising, searching, screening, interviewing and selecting
  • 24hr emergency phone support
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Wide-ranging payroll options
  • Personnel for diverse vessel types and skills requirement
With our strong pool of highly qualified, multinational officers and ratings combined with our experienced crew management team and systems, we are confident that we have the resources in place to meet your crewing requirements both in the short and longer terms.

Crewing Agency

At diafrance, all of our seafarers are carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of our clients, supporting and encouraging a safe and efficient ship operation

We can supply qualified officers and crew to on-board all kinds of vessels across the industry including
  • Rigs (Semi’s / Tenders) Drillships, Floatels, FPSO,
  • Shuttle Tankers
  • Tankers (Oil, LPG, LNG)
  • Bulk
  • Survey, Standby
  • Workboats
  • Specialist Vessels (Pipe Lay, Cable Lay, Specialist Construction, DSV, Well Intervention)
  • Ferries (Freight / Passenger)
  • Cruise Ships
We can provide skilled operatives including
  • Coded Welders
  • Pipe Fitters
  • Sand Blasters
  • Material Controllers
  • Foreman Supervisors
  • Platers
  • Crane Operators
  • Scaffolders
  • Instrument Technical Welders
  • Gas Engineers
  • DP Officers and Engineers
By providing us an opportunity to serve your business need, your company will be able to focus on its area of core competence, reduce its operational costs while improving the speed and efficiency of its business cycle and overall corporate performance.


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